Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Selecting a concept for a new card game

On September 12, the development of a brand new card game began.

Four Rutgers students in New Brunswick, NJ gathered in a tiny computer lab located in the basement of an old classroom building. Each student presented their own original idea for a new card game concept. These ideas were not for the standard 52 card deck - rather, these ideas were infinitesimally more original.

One of the students - Joseph Nguyen - was randomly selected to lead the brainstorm on that fateful Thursday. Each idea was carefully presented and discussed: a card game for car enthusiasts, a dating game, a fantasy football game, and an obstacle course game were all presented as potential ideas for the group's project.

In the end, the leader (Joseph) determined it would be best to bring the obstacle course game to fruition. Everyone accepted the decision gracefully, and became eager to further develop the idea.

I was one of the four students sitting at the table. The obstacle course game concept happened to be my idea. In short, my vision for the card game is that it will involve players creating obstacle courses in a far-away, magical land. Players will also be collecting skill cards, in order to successfully complete other obstacle courses. While this brief description may make it sound complicated, everyone involved agreed that the game should be simple enough for anyone to easily start playing.

Stay tuned next week for another update on the development of this revolutionary card game.

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