Thursday, December 5, 2013

The FInal Week

The final product of our board game is almost due, so this week the group worked on finishing toches and just fixing the little problems in order to make the game run smoother.  We play tested with our other classmates and found their suggestions to be very helpful.  We got advice on how to change some of the action cards and after making these changes the game ran a lot smoother. Our group also found Professor Parks idea of creating a certain amount of peeks each unit needs, to be extremely helpful. The game had finished way too fast the first time we played it, so each unit needing peeks definitely slowed the game down. The group also worked on perfecting the directions and the reference card. They both needed some changes due to the new rules we created. Another change we made was making money left over at the end of the game be counted as victory points. Many of our peers requested that this change be made and when my group thought about this proposal, it made perfect sense to us as well. The group did have some trouble agreeing on how to fairly convert the money into victory points, but after a long discussion we came to an agreement.
The group also faced some minor difficulties with getting the game all ready to be submitted.  One issue we are still facing is how we are going to fit our large game board into a box.  We also faced some trouble when trying to get the cards printed double sided. Luckily we did solve this problem by cutting the cards out and gluing the backs on before lamenation. Overall, we worked really well together and I think the final game turned our great.

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