Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog Post 5

This week were in the final stages of creating and finalizing our game. In our last class we found a few problems and mistakes and rules that didn't necessarily work. Also we found a few cards that were very off balanced and could be described as the "god card". So we had  our work cut out for us. We got together as a group and finalized all the rules, we really did not have any problems agreeing on the rules, at this point we were so used to changing rules and trying to make it better. We had to finalize the card and that was our biggest problem. It became a lot more expensive then we originally thought. Also the back of the card design that we originally created did not center itself correctly. So we had to scrap that idea entirely and think of a new plan to go with as far the back of the card design.

After spending multiple hours in staples trying to figure how to work our the card printing  situation, we finally got them printed without a back. Taking the idea from "pokemon" with a uniform back design scheme, we printed out something that looked like an obstacle illusion to put on the back of the cards. We created a box, using a shoe box and made a rule book pamphlet that explains everything perfectly.

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