Thursday, October 10, 2013

Game Post 4

During this week we were touching up the game and making some final tweeks in order to make the game flow better. While we were play testing we realized that the skill cards were too powerful and having 3 point cards was making it extremely easy to beat obstacles and no one was failing obstacles. If no one failed obstacles it would make it so none of the players would want to challenge the other players to their obstacle course. We then tried making only 1 and 2 point skill cards and that made the game go way too slow and no one was ever able to beat any of the obstacle courses. Our problem was finding the happy medium we needed to create an enjoyable game that had equal skill and obstacle cards. We also looked up designs for making a back to the cards because we did not previously have one. We talked through many different ideas, but finally agreed on an eyeball. The group also began working on the rule book and making sure everything was clear and would be understood by all the players reading it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Later in the week two of the group members met up in order to work out some glitches. They went through and changed some of the cards that proved to be too powerful while playing the game. They also worked on the grammar on the cards to make sure it was clear what the players got from picking that card. The other two members of the group got together to fix up the graphics on the cards. These two members also began coloring the graphics and cleaning them up. They also discussed what would be the best way to print the cards.
Later the group also got more play testers to give us their feedback and see if the many little changes we made over the week helped the flow of the game. From the feedback of the play testers, as a group we decided to make a few more changes. First we added four more obstacles and then we began thinking of ways to make the skill cards look better. Going into the last week of the game our group still has a lot of work to be done, but with a lot of time and hard work I think our group is on the path to a great game.

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