Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week 3 Blog Post

In the last class the group had a dispute about the mechanics of the cards whether to make the obstacle cards multipurpose by putting stat points on them and completely dropping skill cards, or stick with the original idea and have both obstacle and skill cards separate. In the end we decided to keep the skill cards because of the possibility of the players to be overwhelmed  with to much to follow on a card. With the dispute resolved we managed to progress through the mechanics a bit more by deciding to split the cards into three different decks one for skill, another for Obstacles, and a third one with higher costing obstacles and better skill cards that players could draw from later in the game.

Although we were suppose to meet later during the week, we ended up cancelling due to two out of four members ended up with some last minute events came up. But the obstruction didn't stop there, the files that had the card designs and layout were corrupted and couldn't be recovered. But luckily most of the images were already cropped saved so remaking the card templates was much easier.

Later in the week although we all couldn't meet together, we were able to find a group of play testers to play our game. From observing the play test, we found out that players tend to lean towards the skill deck when drawing preparing for a challenge rather than focusing on their own obstacles. Also the players found that the advance deck wasn't as necessary as we originally thought as it just made players draw from that pile when they hit the requirement ignoring the original obstacle pile entirely. On the second play test we got rid of the advance deck and merged it with the decks. The game flow gradually grew faster but even then the the players still leaned towards drawing skill cards. Although the game flow grew faster compared to the first game the flow of the game was slowing down in late game. Because of the gradual speed decline the most points people were able to score was 2-3 points. So with this play test we learned we have to speed up our game flow, rework some of the card effects to balance the game, and try to divert the attention away from skill cards.

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